Energy Efficiency Technology Services

DSMTracker, Green Team Software

Green Team Energy Services is the go-to firm for energy efficiency technology services. Our energy management software, DSMTracker, is built on the world’s largest cloud platform— DSMTracker is the only software on the market that allows program managers to fully manage energy efficiency tracking efforts in one place. We couple DSMTracker with marketing services to provide the ultimate, first-in-class service for energy management.

DSMTracker is the flagship Green Team Energy software that makes energy management easier. With just one program, you will be able to customize it to do everything form energy efficiency tracking, rebate processing, and more.

DSMTracker Capabilities

  • Rebate Processing (both scanning and paper processing)
  • Process Payments via a Check and Debit Card Payment Gateway
  • Manage Trade Allies and Contractors
  • Process Mobile Rebates
  • Manage Portfolio with Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Evaluation inspections and verification (EM&V)
  • Field Asset Management for utility companies.

Energy Management Marketing Services

Green Team Energy Services also provides marketing services, enabling program managers the effortless ability to reach customers with important messaging.

  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Mobile Outreach

You will be able to easily setup, plan, budget, forecast, and track your complex energy efficiency and demand response program.

You will be able to easily manage your portfolio.

You will be able to customize the program to your parameters so you see the data you need.


You will save time, money, and energy by eliminating rebate processing centers.